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simple photoshop services

One of the many reasons I love Adobe Photoshop is how easy it is to touch up photographs. I still have my black and white print touch-up kit with various shades of gray paint that I mixed together to get just the right shade and a black spot remover medium that was diluted to the proper shade of gray and dabbed on with a tiny size 000 brush. I can almost smell the darkroom chemicals as I remember the days of wet processes and light-sensitive papers and films.

Now Photoshop allows me to remove a stray piece of hair from a subject’s head with a few clicks of my mouse.  Cosmetic edits were against the code of conduct when I was a working as a photojournalist, but they are a service I can provide for my portrait clients.

There are many other things I can do with Photoshop. Last night after the kids were asleep I was playing with adding a name and year to senior portraits with an embossed effect on the text. These are examples only, as I did not check my spelling before playing on the computer. (Sorry, Nate! If you like these, I’ll gladly correct the spelling, change the fonts, etc.)

I can add text to photos, make a collage, add a border or mat effect, complete with faux beveled edges, and more. Most of those services can be provided for little to no extra charge with photography services. Other services, like removing backgrounds or items from backgrounds, swapping faces when one person blinked in a group shot, and selectively removing color from an image, can vary in complexity and time requred based on the image. These services can be provided for images you’ve taken as well as ones I take. Please contact me for more information about your project.

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