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my son, the cat

My brioche rib knit scarf in progress. And a mess of yarn.

It’s no wonder my son and the cat get along so well. They have so many similar interests.

My boy loves to unravel yarn, like the stereotypical comic strip felines. They both love to bat at string.

Crinkly mylar pom poms and balls with bells in them are fascinating playthings.

Water dish? Quite an attraction. Cat food? A nice snack.

They want affection when they want it and want nothing but independence and space at other times. My son has even picked up the cat’s habit of snubbing me when I wasn’t there when he wanted me. How dare I close the bathroom door and deprive him of my presence when I’m not the only parent at home! When he finally resigned himself to climbing into his father’s lap for some cuddling, I was persona non grata even after I emerged freshly-showered.

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